Dragon's Blood Healing Properties

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About Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon Blood Jasper, also known as Dragon Stone, is not true jasper, but a mix of epidote and piemontite. It is only found in Western Australia, where local legend says it was formed from the remains of deceased ancient dragons – the green being the skin and the red the blood.

Dragon Stone has the ability to channel the powerful energy associated with dragons from the earth, inspiring new courage, physical strength and determination in its owner.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Do you experience a lack of confidence, anxiety or lingering pain from embarrassment? Do you want to break bad habits, or unlock your full talent?

The trials of life can be relentless. Often it can feel like we barely have time to recover from a set back before we have to move forward again and face new challenges.

Dragon Stone can help you to open your heart to ancient power that will increase your confidence and encourage a new, positive outlook. Lingering psychic damage can quickly be overcome, allowing you to face new challenges, or just give you a chance to rest and recuperate.

The same energy can awaken latent powers and hidden talents within you. You can discover new abilities and personality traits by meditating with Dragon Stone and channelling energy through the heart chakra. This can also help to break negative habits, by replacing them with new, positive habits.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience low energy or residual effects of illness or over exertion? Do you have a compromised immune system?

Dragon blood is historically associated with rapid healing or invulnerability and Dragon Stone still carries this meaning. It is said that Dragon Stone supports all of the healing processes and strengthens the constitution in general.

Meditating with Dragon Stone can encourage the body to get to work and eliminate leftover toxicity from a long lasting illness, or a period of stress. It is very popular with people who have found themselves over exerted and need to return to their baseline health.

Dragon Stone can also reset the immune system, helping to ease autoimmune conditions and supporting eliminatory organs like the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. Through its activation of the heart chakra, it can also strengthen the heart.

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