Healing Properties of Carnelian

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About Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone with a long history and has been used for jewellery and talismans almost as long as Lapis Lazuli. The Ancient Egyptians called Carnelian “the setting sun” and associated it with the mother Goddess Isis. It is considered one of the stones of kings and has been found in artefacts like the death mask of Tutankhamen.

Carnelian is associated with fire and has long been used to reignite the fires in the mind and body. Warriors would wear Carnelian to bring courage in battle and orators and singers would wear Carnelian to clarify the voice and increase confidence during performances.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Do you struggle with low energy or lack of drive? Do you lack confidence when speaking in public?

A fear of public speaking is a common problem, but often there are situations when it’s unavoidable. Whether it’s a job interview, performance, date or presentation, there are many situations where you might feel unconfident and need support.

Many people find the properties of Carnelian to be ideal for boosting courage in stressful situations. The fiery energy of Carnelian has long been used to help people gain confidence, speak fluidly and think quickly.

The effect of this energy isn’t limited to public performance either. People suffering from low energy, lack of concentration and lost motivation often find Carnelian can reignite their passion and get them moving and thinking quickly again.

Try meditating on your goals and ideas while holding Carnelian. It is very effective for giving you the energy to manifest thoughts into reality!

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience a slowed metabolism, immune response or slowed healing? Do you struggle with menstrual or sexual issues?

Carnelian’s ability to rekindle passion isn’t limited to courage and creativity. It also applies to sexuality and has a long tradition in use for treating infertility and overcoming frigidity or impotence. It can be used to increase sexual desire when it has been lost, or regulate it when it has become overpowering.

Carnelian is also said to help regulate periods, ease menstrual pain or bring on the menstrual cycle if puberty is delayed for too long. Try placing Carnelian on the sacral chakra when you experience discomfort and see if the tension begins to fade.

Carnelian’s ability to resolve sexual dysfunction likely comes from speeding up the flow of blood and energy throughout the body. This means it also leads to increased speed of metabolism, immune response and self-healing.

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