Tiger's Eye Healing Properties

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About Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye has long been associated with insight, willpower and courage. In Ancient Egypt Tiger’s Eye was used to sculpt the eyes of deities in statues to express divine vision and was associated with the sun God Ra. It was also carried by Roman soldiers to deflect weapons and be brave in battle.

The tiger has always been held as a symbol of courage, integrity and the right use of power and Tiger’s Eye still carries that meaning to this day.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Are you in a challenging or stressful situation? Are your relationships strained by a difference of opinion?

The world is in a time of great social change right now. Now more than ever, it is important that everyone works together to ensure a positive future. But when your friends or family struggle to accept a new idea, it can lead to a tension in the relationship that threatens the bonds of unity.

Many people find Tiger’s Eye is ideal for finding the balance that will preserve and strengthen these bonds. Tiger’s Eye is sometimes called the “shape shifter” for its ability to transform thinking – scary situations become challenges and disagreements become an opportunity for new understanding of other another.

Tiger’s Eye has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune. As well as being able to increase wealth and prosperity, Tiger’s Eye is uniquely effective at preserving the resources and relationships that you already have.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience brain fog or depression? Do you have problems with bones, pain or asthma?

The name Tiger’s Eye doesn’t just come from the beautiful iridescence of the stone, but also its association with the archetypal qualities of a tiger. Many people find that problems of low energy, lack of drive or slow thinking can be resolved by meditating on the resonance of Tiger’s Eye.

Being associated with the sun, Tiger’s Eye can also be useful in resolving health problems relating to a lack of sun light. Low energy or mood from seasonal affective disorder can often be eased by Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is associated with the sacral chakra, which controls the lymphatic system. For this reason, many people find placing Tiger’s Eye on the sacral chakra can help ease pain, repair bones and aid asthma symptoms.

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