How to use a Merkaba Star for Meditation

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What is a Merkaba Star?

The word Merkaba is formed of three other words; Mer meaning light, Ka meaning spirit and Ba meaning body. Put together, this connotes the union of the spirit and the body, surrounded by light.

The symbol, a tetrahedron formed of intersecting pyramids, is said to be the shape of a divine vehicle made of light that can transport or connect the spirit with higher realms.

Merkaba meditation involves meditating on this shape and imagining it surrounding you, with both pyramids rotating at high speed. This can be done without a Merkaba star, but use of a physical star can make visualising easier and provide additional protection.

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What are the benefits of Merkaba Star meditation?

Merkaba meditation is an extremely powerful form of meditation, simultaneously shielding you from negative energy and helping connect you with higher positive energy. It is said that when you connect with higher spiritual realms, there is really no limit to what can be achieved.

Many Merkaba meditation masters have used the technique to gain psychic knowledge and psychic power, or regain knowledge and talents from past lives.

Merkaba meditation allows you to channel source energy, with one pyramid pointing upwards and channelling energy from the universe and the other pointing downwards and channelling energy from the Earth beneath. This allows you to manifest desires and goals held in your mind into reality or can heal the body of sickness or damage.

Why is Lapis Lazuli the most effective material for Merkaba stars?

We believe that Lapis Lazuli is the most effective material for Merkaba stars and Merkaba meditation, due to the inherent properties of the Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli has been valued as one of the most powerful crystals for psychic attunement since ancient times. It is known as the “immortal stone” and has been found in many Egyptian artefacts.

Because Lapis Lazuli resonates with the third eye chakra, it is best able to connect with the physical and celestial kingdoms. Lapis Lazuli can provide wisdom and connection with spiritual realms and guardians in a way that other crystals can’t. Lapis Lazuli also makes an impenetrable psychic shield that protects you from negative energy.

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