How to use a Dowsing Pendulum

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What are dowsing pendulums?

Dowsing pendulums are a divination tool used in spiritual healing and dowsing. Pendulums can be used to locate and resolve blockages in the chakra. When a pendulum is suspended above each of the chakra points, subtle changes in the motion of the pendulum can indicate where energy blockages or problems are occurring. With meditation or reiki techniques the chakra can be rebalanced, leading to health improvements in the parts of the body related to that chakra.

Pendulums are also very effective at neutralizing negative energy. They can be used to cleanse someone’s aura, or dispel negativity in a room.

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How do dowsing pendulums work?

Crystal pendulums have a long history of use for dowsing. The pendulum can tap into your intuition and sixth sense, becoming a transmitter and receiver for higher guidance from guardians and spirit teachers.

Try suspending the pendulum from the chain and asking it simple yes or no questions. To begin with, start with questions you know the answer to, or ask the pendulum to show you a “yes” or a “no” response. The subtle movements of the pendulum act as the response. Remember the feeling of each response and then move on to asking more complex questions.

Once you have a good understanding of how a pendulum responds, it can be used for making decisions at difficult times, or finding guidance towards the right path forward. Many people have also found success using pendulums to find lost items, lost pets or ley lines.

Effectiveness of Amethyst for Pendulums

Amethyst is a particularly effective crystal for pendulums due to its unique ability to cultivate positive psychic energy. When used for healing, amethyst is able to cleanse unhealthy attachments, addictions and negativity in a way that other crystals can’t. Amethyst has a long history as an anti-toxicant and is unparalleled in its ability to rebalance energy in the body and promote inner peace and self-healing.

Amethyst is also well known for its ability to attenuate psychic power. This makes it extra effective when used for dowsing, as amethyst has a unique ability to channel source energy and transmit messages from spirit guides.

Many people have found dowsing with amethyst pendulums is often more accurate or leads to a better outcome than using other crystals.

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