How to use Chakra Stones

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What does Chakra mean?

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel and refers to the rotating disks of energy that align along the spine. When a chakra point is over or under active, it can cause all sorts of physical and mental health issues.

Crystals also have their own energy field and vibrational resonance. Certain crystals are ideal for harmonizing the energy at each of the major chakra points in the body. By rebalancing the energy at each point, moods can be stabilized and health can begin to improve.

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What are the benefits of using Chakra Stones?

Chakra stones can be useful as a general approach to spiritual health, or to help you discover pain points you didn’t know existed. As you improve at meditating with chakra stones, you’ll quickly be able to tell which chakra points are acting abnormally, which will provide insight into health issues you may be experiencing.

How to use chakra stones?

To use chakra stones, lay flat and place the stones at each of the major chakra points. Meditate using whichever technique you prefer. Begin by focusing on the root chakra and drawing energy up from the earth below you.

Try to sense the response of the energy at this chakra point. If it is under or over stimulated, try to bring the energy into balance. This will take some practise to understand what a good balance of energy feels like.

Continue to move upwards through each of the chakra points, until you reach the crown chakra. As you perceive the energy at each of the points, try to notice if any of the points felt significantly different than the others. This will help you to perceive problems.

You can also perform this process on someone else. Just move your receiving energy hand (usually your non-dominant hand) over each of the crystals and try to perceive the energy response at each point.

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