About Ethical Sourcing

All of our crystals adhere to strict ethical sourcing stipulations. We refuse to support mines that use exploitative labour practises, underage labourers or pollute the surrounding area when sourcing gems. 

Does unethical mining and handling of crystals diminish their power?

It's hard to say whether the crystals you buy have a diminished power if they've been sourced via unethical means. But no matter what, it's important that we work together to ensure that using crystals doesn't pollute the Earth or bring unnecessary suffering to the people living on it. 

Many of our customers have complimented the unusually high energy of our crystals compared to those of other stores - so it could be that this extra care does lead to crystals producing a stronger healing energy.

How do you ensure crystals are ethically sourced?

We maintain strong partnerships with suppliers who are able to provide us with the full details of the journey each crystal has taken to reach us. Where possible, we try to ensure that there are as few middlemen as possible. 

Digging through the information and researching can be quite time consuming, so our stock might be limited at times. We hope that it is worth it to know that each new crystal we add has been carefully vetted for ethical sourcing.