Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties

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About Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is actually a variety of white Labradorite, with the same flashy multi-coloured iridescence known as labradorescence. These qualities have led to the stone being described as a mystical bringer of light.

The light that Rainbow Moonstone brings can bring a clarity and a spark of inspiration to your life, helping you to avoid tunnel vision, see new possibilities and access universal wisdom and messages.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Do you experience feelings of being trapped by your current life situation? Are you seeking a creative, spiritual or psychological breakthrough?

All too often, we can find ourselves trapped by the daily grind of life, without the time or knowledge to find an alternative. But sometimes, the path to a happier and more creative life is just around the corner, if only we could notice and take advantage of the opportunity.

Rainbow Moonstone could be the flash of inspiration that leads you to the next adventure in your life. Rainbow Moonstone, like the moon itself, is associated with Divine Feminine energy. This feminine energy can heighten intuition and open us up to synchronicities and universal messages. By increasing your receptivity to these messages, you’ll be more aware of opportunities to radically improve your life.

Despite being associated with feminine energy, Rainbow Moonstone isn’t just for women! Men can also channel Divine Feminine energy and experience great benefits by doing so. This energy can help increase creativity, inner confidence and emotional balance.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience problems with the eye such as myopia, cataracts, or glaucoma? Are you experiencing issues related to menstruation, menopause or unbalanced hormones?

Rainbow Moonstone’s association with vision isn’t limited to psychic experience either. It can also help ease symptoms related to physical dysfunction of the eye. People experiencing long or short sightedness, cataracts, glaucoma and other sight related issues have found an easing of symptoms by working with Rainbow Moonstone.

Rainbow Moonstone can also help synchronize the rhythms of your body with the rhythms of lunar energy. This is especially useful for women experiencing hormonal imbalance due to menstruation, menopause or post pregnancy.

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