Turquenite Healing Properties

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About Turquenite

Turquenite, also known as turquoise howlite, is a coloured calcium crystal that is popularly used for spiritual development.

Despite howlite being a relatively recently discovered mineral (relative to many other crystals), it has quickly gained in popularity for its sympathetic resonance with the throat chakra and ability to assist in the unlocking of higher spirituality.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Want to increase your creativity, improve emotional expression or calm an overactive mind?

Stress and anxiety can have a clouding effect on the spirit. The treadmill of work or school life can easily lead to the closing off of the mind to the higher spiritual self. This makes it harder to remember dreams and interpret signs and synchronicities that are meant to guide you in life.

Turquenite is known as an “attunement stone” for its ability to open and prepare the mind to receive higher energies. This can lead to unlocking new levels of creativity and balance emotions.

Many people are fond of Turquenite for its uncomplicated and soothing energy, which makes it perfect for insomnia sufferers, who often experience deeper sleep and more meaningful dreams when they keep Turquenite nearby.

Turquenite helps you to establish new, calm confidence within yourself. It can help you find the energy to follow your ambition, without over-exerting the mind. This makes it ideal for anyone who has experienced burn-out when chasing their dreams.

Turquenite can help you express yourself and your goals in a way others can understand. By placing Turquenite on the throat chakra, you can improve your ability to speak your personal truth and find the right words to communicate your feelings to others.

Turquenite can also be placed on the third eye chakra to help you commune with psychic energy. This makes it perfect for use during or after a reiki attunement.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience issues with your teeth, bones or throat? Do you have a speech impediment or trouble speaking?

Turquenite is said to have the ability to balance calcium levels in the body. This can help to strengthen and repair bones and teeth and can help reduce cramps.

Turquenite also harmonizes the vibrational rhythm of the throat chakra. This can help to heal disorders of the throat and improve speech. Try meditating with Turquenite placed on your throat chakra or carry Turquenite with you when you know you’ll be speaking a lot. Many people have found they have an easier time with public speaking when using Turquenite.

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