Selenite Healing Properties

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About Selenite

Selenite is named after the Ancient Greek moon goddess Selene and is also known as “liquid light”. When you see light catch the surface of selenite, you’ll understand the reason for these associations! Selenite glimmers beautifully in reflected light and immediately brings to mind the image of the moon.

Selenite wands are a convenient way to cleanse energy in yourself or others, a whole room or even other crystals. Simply wave a selenite wand over the target, much like sage, to cleanse attached energies. This can lead to feelings of increased energy, focus and a sense of calm.

Many people like to carry a selenite wand with them all day and find it is a quick and effective way to recover from slumps and feelings of tiredness with no cause.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Do you experience negative or repetitive thoughts? Do you frequently feel stuck in a rut, or tired for no reason?

Before problems manifest in our physical reality, they are often indicated by damage or impurities in the aura. By first repairing the aura, it is possible to avoid physical or mental health problems before they become serious.

Selenite wands are among the most effective tools for aura repair and removal of damaging negative energy. Simply by waving the wand over your head, near the crown chakra, you can clear your personal energy field and feel immediate benefits in clarity and calmness. Just imagine you are combing your aura and removing any knots or tangles.

Selenite is also a popular tool for meditation and connecting to your higher self. Because selenite has a high level of vibrational energy and frequency, meditating with selenite can synchronize your own vibrational frequency, allowing you to access higher levels of perception and spirituality, or activating memories and abilities from past lives.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you experience chronic pain or discomfort? Do you suffer from the effects of inflammation?

Selenite wands are ideal for focusing in on specific points of pain or discomfort and directly removing stuck energy. While in a meditative state, strongly visualize the pain point as something lodged into your energy field. Twirl the wand around the pain point and visualize the wand twisting and plucking the negative energy from your aura. As you repeat this, you’ll gradually experience a reduction in discomfort.

Selenite wands also work well for non-specific discomfort caused by inflammation, metal poisoning from teeth fillings and free radicals in the cell structure. When you can’t identify the location of your discomfort, you can gently wave the wand up and down your entire body, starting at the crown chakra, and visualize the negative energy being brushed out of your aura.

Selenite can also be placed in the four corners of a room or your house – this will create a protective field that will reduce the amount of negative energy that enters your home and create a sense of protection and calm when you’re at home.

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