Rose Quartz Healing Properties

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About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has been revered as the Crystal of Unconditional Love since ancient times. The Ancient Greeks had two myths about the power of this stone. It was said that when Aphrodite’s lover Adonis was injured by Ares, Aphrodite was caught on a briar bush in the process of rushing to him. When their blood mingled, it dyed the white quartz below them to pink.

It was also said that Eros (known to the Romans as Cupid) brought the gemstone from the heavens to spread love and romance to the mortal world. The belief in Rose Quartz being love itself in crystal form remains to this day.

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Psychological Healing Properties

Do you wish to find new love, or rekindle and old love? Do you want to increase the harmony in your romantic, sexual, friendly or familial relationships?

Despite being surrounded by technology that was designed to connect us, many people are feeling more isolated than ever. Sometimes it feels impossible to find someone we can truly connect with, whether that is on a platonic level or a romantic level.

Many people have found guidance by turning to the legendary power of Rose Quartz. Not only can Rose Quartz help to attract new love or rekindle relationships, it can also soothe heartbreak and open the heart to forgiveness and compassion.

Whether you want to reconnect with old friends, estranged family or repair a damaged relationship, Rose Quartz can light the path to reconciliation.

Rose Quartz is also an extremely calming crystal, making it ideal for times of crisis or trauma. It can be placed in a bedroom to create a calming and protective aura, which can reduce nightmares, encourage deep sleep and help children who are afraid of the dark.

Try adding Rose Quartz to a bath for a love filled healing ritual and feel yourself open up to universal love and compassion.

Physical Healing Properties

Do you suffer from conditions of the heart or sexual organs? Seeking protection for a pregnancy?

The unique vibrational frequency of Rose Quartz can help to harmonize the beating of the heart. Many people find that placing Rose Quartz on the heart chakra can help with heart conditions and resolve sexual dysfunction. It is often used in love and romance spells or affirmations.

Rose Quartz is also very popular for pregnancies. It can be placed on the stomach, or carried to the hospital to reduce birth complications. Placing baby milk in the centre of a circle of Rose Quartz is also said to help with feeding difficulties. It makes a great gift for an expecting mother.

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